3 Good Blog Reads week of 1/8

Here are three blogs this week that caught my attention and pointed me to Truth.  May they bless you as well.

Don’t Make Resolutions. Make Commitments.

Let me suggest seven commitments that all of us have been empowered, and should be excited, to make.


You Will Touch 80,000 Lives

Let’s say that a person meets an average of two to three people a day. Assuming the average life span is roughly eighty years, this means that the average person will encounter somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 people in their life.  What would you say to each person now if you had the chance?



Sometimes, we think about sin and sanctification in terms of cigarettes and Fitbits. We think that if we just warn people away from the consequences of sin, then people will steer clear. Sometimes, that works. But often, it doesn’t. Sin, after all, is irrational! It doesn’t make sense. That’s the whole nature of sinfulness—it goes against the reality of the world we live in. It goes against the grain of our intended submission to the One who has created us.



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